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Welcome to our exclusive wellness membership program, designed to help you take your self-care routine to the next level. With four levels to choose from, including Gold, Silver, Emerald, and a Wellness Circuit Pass, our membership program offers you access to a range of premium wellness treatments to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Whether you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate or address specific health concerns, our diverse range of treatments cater to all your needs. With our wellness membership program, you can experience the benefits of regular wellness treatments at discounted prices, making it easier than ever to prioritize your health and wellness.

Discover the Benefits of Being a Wellness Member Today!

SK Wellness GOLD Membership

Monthly $356

1 x 90 min Deluxe Anti Age Facial Experience
4 x Infrared Sauna Sessions
4 x Skin Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy
4 x O2 Meditation Lounge
4 x PEMF Therapy Sessions

Elevate your wellness journey with our exclusive Gold Membership program, offering you the best treatments and benefits in the Wellness Circuit.

SK Wellness SILVER Membership

Fortnightly $98 | Monthly $196

4 x Infrared Sauna Sessions
4 x Skin Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy
4 x 02 Meditation Lounge
3 x PEMF Therapy Sessions

Experience the ultimate wellness escape with our Silver Membership program, providing you with a range of treatments to enhance your well-being.

SK Wellness EMERALD Membership

Monthly $156

2 x Infrared Sauna Sessions
2 x Skin Rejuvenating LED Light Therapy
2 x 02 Meditation Lounge
2 x PEMF Therapy Sessions

Experience the wellness escape with our SK Wellness Emerald Membership program, offering a range of treatments and a tailored approach to wellness.

SK Wellness CIRCUIT Pass

Indulge in a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Wellness Circuit Pass, offering you access to a range of our top treatments.

A circuit pass entitles you to a month’s circuit access, with one full circuit per week. Our basic circuit includes sessions with the Infared sauna, PEMF therapy, LED light therapy, 02 meditation lounge. Upgrade to the advanced circuit for all these services plus the addition of a Pressor therapy session

Infrared Sauna, O2, LED, PEMF

Each full circuit takes 1hr 10 mins.

Single Circuit


1-Month Membership

$720 (saving you 10%) 

Includes bonus inflammation Pressor Therapy

Each full circuit takes 1hr 35 mins.

Single Circuit 


1-Month Membership

$1000 (Saving you 10%)

Indulge in Our Range of Services with Our Exclusive Membership Program

Sydney's Premier Wellness Hub

SK Wellness and Skin’s state of the art wellness centre includes a range of therapies to help keep you looking and feeling great.

Ideally located in Homebush, Sydney, Sk Wellness and Skin specialises in natural and non-invasive skin treatments that reverse the effects of ageing.