28 Day Weight-loss Reset Program

Are you seeking an effective and holistic approach to weight loss? Our 28 Day Weight-loss Reset Program is designed specifically for you. Embrace a comprehensive and rejuvenating journey to achieve your weight loss goals and enhance your overall well-being.

HOCATT – Frequency Specific Microcurrents set for weight reduction (Weekly)

Value $632

Programme price: $474

Increase metabolic rate

  • Hyperthermia: The HOCATT uses infrared and steam to increase body temperature, which can elevate the metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means the body burns more calories, even at rest, aiding in weight loss.


  • Ozone Therapy: Ozone is introduced into the chamber to help detoxify the body. Detoxification can improve metabolic function and the efficiency of cellular processes, potentially aiding in weight management.

Toning & muscle recovery

  • Electrotherapy: Some HOCATT sessions include electrotherapy, which can stimulate muscle contractions and improve blood flow. Better circulation helps in delivering nutrients and oxygen to tissues and in removing waste products, which can enhance overall metabolic function.

Stress reduction/Improved sleep

  • Relaxation: The HOCATT sessions can promote relaxation and reduce stress. Chronic stress can lead to weight gain due to increased levels of cortisol, a hormone that can promote fat storage. Reducing stress helps in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Better sleep is associated with improved weight management and metabolic health, and rebalancing the function of organs, plus the bonus balancing hormones.

PEMF Mat Therapy (Weekly)

Value $280 4 x session

Programme price: $210

  • PEMF therapy promotes weight loss through a combination of enhancing cellular metabolism, improving circulation, reducing inflammation, supporting muscle recovery, reducing stress, improving sleep, aiding detoxification, and balancing hormones.

IV Therapy weight loss assistance cocktail (Bi-weekly)

Value $632

Programme price: $474

Week 1: Metabolic and Detox Boost

IV ingredients:

  • Saline or Lactated Ringer’s Solution (500-1000 ml): Base for hydration.
  • Glutathione (600-1200 mg): Powerful antioxidant for detoxification.
  • Vitamin C (5-10 g): Supports immune function and metabolism.
  • B-Complex Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12): Enhances energy production and metabolism.
  • SD-jump start your metabolism for the body’s natural function absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • Carnitine (2-5 g): Facilitates fat metabolism.

Week 3: Nutrient Replenishment and Continued Support

IV Ingredients:

Saline or Lactated Ringer’s Solution (500-1000 ml): Base for hydration.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (600 mg): Supports metabolic processes and acts as an antioxidant.

CoQ10 (200 mg): Enhances cellular energy production and provides antioxidant support.

Magnesium (1-2 g): Supports muscle relaxation, energy production, and reduces inflammation.

B-Complex Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12): Continued support for metabolism.

Pressor Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Bi-weekly)

Price: value $150

Programme price: $100

Increased Metabolic Rate:

  • Regular use of IPC may boost metabolic rate through enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow. A higher metabolism can help the body burn more calories, contributing to weight loss.


  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage helps remove metabolic waste and toxins from the body, which can improve overall metabolic efficiency and support weight loss efforts.

Improved Digestion:

  • Better circulation and reduced stress levels can positively impact digestive health. An efficient digestive system can improve nutrient absorption and support weight management.

Decreased Inflammation:

  • By improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage, pressor air therapy can reduce inflammation in the body. Lower inflammation levels can improve overall health and may facilitate weight loss by reducing stress on the body’s systems.

Join our 28 Day Weight-loss Reset Program and start your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you today!

Add-ons for optimal results

High dose HCG herbal drops plus maintenance drops that assist in rapid weight loss.

HCG Hormone

Programme price: $200

Oral Supplements: HCG is also available in oral drops. Appetite suppressant.

The Key to RESET is working with the Hypothalamus and start a new weight loss number as your benchmark.

Hypothalamus helps manage the body temperature, hunger, thirst, mood, sex drive, blood pressure and sleep. The function of the hypothalamus gland affects the pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenals kidneys, musculoskeletal system, and reproductive organ.

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