The KEY to unlocking your healthier skin and lifestyle

Did you know your lifestyle has a direct effect on your skin?

Sometimes we don’t realise how much damage we are doing to our skin and overall health by
repeating old habits. Smoking, sleeping poorly, stress, and sugar addictions, to just name a few, all cause
accelerated aging.

The good news is that once we get rid of, or at least control these habits, our skin will start to reverse that
damage, age much slower and the result will be clear, healthy skin.

Want to learn how?

Hi, I’m Annamaria, Skin Expert

I’m the owner and founder of SK Wellness Clinic and I’m proud to have helped women just like you, for over 40 years to embrace their beauty.

After many years of study, I have found a way to “age gracefully”, and to look your very best during each stage of your life both NON-INVASIVELY and NATURALLY.

For 10 years I have deliberately not used injectables or quick fixes in order to discover what I would look like without them.

And what I found back in my Forties is that if I fixed my eyes, then I noticed my lips. If I worked on my lips, then I noticed my cheeks and then the skin around my jaw, and so on. I was never satisfied and it was a only a temporary solution.

Then I discovered the perfect “non-invasive” methods that I still use today to treat all of these areas. It has unique, powerful and long lasting results and that is exactly what I want to share with you.

Benefits of the Beauty Within Program

Have healthy and clear skin, hair and nails

Turn old bad habits into new healthy habits

Have better relationships and sleep better

Increased longevity and reduced body disease

How it works

You are going to have a Strategy Session with me, Annamaria Zaccomer, where we are going to discuss your lifestyle and together we’ll discover what behaviours are the primary cause of your skin and health issues.

With that knowledge, you’ll be invited to join The Beauty Within Program where you and I will have an one-on-one non-invasive session to will address your limiting beliefs and blocks that have been causing symptoms.

I will teach you how to overcome anything that has been holding you back in regards to the care of your skin and health.

After 30 days, we’ll meet again to complete the process and to track how you are going and clarify any practical advice that you may need.

The first step? Book your Strategy Session now!

Keys to The Beauty Within Program

Learn how to forgive yourself for situations from your past

Make positive life changing transformations and banish your bad habits

Emotional health will take years off how you look and how you age

Prevention is better than cure and the secret to looking younger

The impact in your life?

You’ll be guided by an expert in Skin Care with over 40 years of experience that is achieving results that no other Beauty Therapist can achieve. I will help you with implementing the mental and practical tools you need to make your skin and life feel amazing.

You and I will get there together by identifying the root cause of your issues and realising how to overcome them. And for that, you just need two treatments:

1) Discovering the true cause of the problem and 2) Giving it up.

It won’t be easy but I don’t want to be a band-aid Beauty Therapist. I want to change your life. I want you to look in the mirror and love what you see, because you did what had to be done and are proud of yourself.

1800 828 283

Suite 1 32-36 Underwood Road,
Homebush, Sydney, NSW 2140

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Suite 1 32-36 Underwood Road,
Homebush, Sydney, NSW 2140

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