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How we often approach life

Our approach to our health and well-being is often centred around a reactive approach to life. This is one where we kind of coast along until perhaps something doesn’t feel right, which is when we seek help in the form of seeing a doctor for example.  

For the health conscious we take the opportunity to exercise, and perhaps we keep an eye on our diet too to ensure that we keep fit and stay healthy.

This is great but is often focused on just the physical aspects of preventative health.

This is where a wellness centre can come into play – bringing in a more holistic approach.

Different types of wellness Centres

‘Wellness centre’ is actually quite a broad term and can include a number of different approaches, although all aim for the same goal and that is to guide people into a better lifestyle.

Some centres are more focussed on the physical, where the focus is on training using exercise equipment and having access to a personal trainer.

Others may have more of a focus on nutrition for example.

Some work from a particular point of focus, such as we do here at SK Skin, building on years of experience working with skin, and adding in complimentary treatments and therapies and more.

What can you expect at a wellness Centre?

First and foremost a relaxing experience. You can expect to walk out feeling more balanced, in tune and lighter than when you first arrive. You will also feel physically better too.

A wellness centre is a place to let go of outside worries, a place where it is your time to work on yourself and unwind.

A range of options should be in place, with on-hand experts available to help advise, guide and support you.

Each centre is slightly different. To get an idea of the sorts of things available here are some of the things we have on offer at our centre.

Infrared Sauna

Relaxing and very therapeutic. An infrared sauna uses heat lamps to gently warm you, allowing you to purge toxins through sweating. Also effective at reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system, increasing blood flow and so much more. Saunas are an ancient and powerful tool for improving health.

PEMF therapy

The Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) machine works with your collagen and fibroblast production levels. PEMF treatment is a non-invasive and pain-free method to achieve tightening of the face and body while delivering optimal health of the cellular structure of the skin. Improve sleep, and skin tone, assist slimming and more.

LED light therapy

Soothing, deeply penetrating and rejuvenating, LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive skin renewal treatment.

  • Blue Light LED to destroy bacteria and reduce sub-cutaneous activity
  • Red Light LED to boost collagen and elastin production, enhance circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Green Light LED to address uneven skin tone and unwanted pigmentation
  • Yellow Light LED to support skin healing, hydration and soothe inflamed skin
  • Near-Infrared LED for deep cellular regeneration, wound healing, and muscle recovery


Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. It uses an advanced combination of modalities that are sequenced to detoxify and restore the body at the cellular level, working on all major systems at one time gently but powerfully.

O2 meditation chair

The O2 Chair guides you to breathe more consciously, slowly, and deeply, enhancing physical and mental health whilst taking your relaxation to the next level.

Let’s summarise what wellness centres are all about

As we can see there are a range of different approaches which the term wellness centre covers.

However, they all have in common the same goals:

  • To be a space where you can focus on yourself whilst being guided and advised by experts.
  • To offer effective treatments for a range of issues
  • To take that well-deserved time out and feel great

If you’d like to know more or want to discuss with us how we can assist you then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help and would love to hear from you.

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