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To encourage well-being, deep relaxation and dissolving stress, the Timeless Prodigy Treatment begins with a welcome massage, energy balancing techniques to soothe and quieten ruffled spirits, nurture tense neck and shoulder muscles and comfort hands and feet. It continues with a face and décolleté cleansing.

A Champagne Jelly, charged with anti-oxidants, is applied and a lymphatic drainage massage follows to detoxify and purify. The skin is then swaddled in the Damask Rose Stem Cell Concentrate, a revitalizing, regenerating and exceptionally hydrating Gel to target and reduce the effects of ageing.

Lastly the treatment follows with the SKEYNDOR 3D Collagen Mask to firm and tone and kick-start collagen production.

For optimal results, a course of treatments is recommended plus the use of the home care products

The Cream 50ml, rich, lush and instantly melts in for a ‘second skin’ effect. Enhancing DNA repair, protecting and delaying the ageing process, it contains the jewel in the crown: 50 million Damask Rose Stem Cells, the legendary Piedmont White Truffle for its highly prized anti-oxidant power, trace elements and Amino Acids for complete and absolute care of the skin.

The Serum 50ml, the ultimate in texture and an unexpected sensory experience. Light, airy and velvety with a concentrated formula of 15 powerful and active ingredients, including Piedmont White Truffle and the revitalising power of 50 million Damask Rose Stem Cells for an exceptional rejuvenating effect, micro-collagen bio-actives, A, B and C Vitamins and Tea Kombucha.

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Price: $349 (80mins)

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