Resurfacing peel cream

derma peel pro facial

The latest and most advanced ’lunch time’ peel. Cosmeceutical peel results without the nasty side effects

Introducing, Derma Peel PRO ‘Timeless’ and ‘Brightening’ Peel Systems. The new generation of cosmeceutical peels with immediate skin results and ZERO downtime. A newly formulated peel, combining multi-layer sequential technology with a HIGH CONCENTRATION of NEW actives, PLUS, results­‐driven home-care products to achieve the perfect skin.

Derma Peel Pro us a Multi-layer product. It combines 5 different peeling techniques in one session to obtain maximum results as each peeling technique works on a different skin layer.

  1. Mircobrasive: diamond micro-particles
  2. Ultrasonic: DP-110 Plus
  3. Acids: 50%, ph 3.3, cobination 3 AHA’s
  4. Enzymatics: >0.25% Protease, Iysozyme
  5. Biological: 15ppm Biomimetic pep3de DSG encapsulated in liposomes–(Can be infused deeper with Mesoscience by SKEYNDOR).

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