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The city is yours, block pollution

Contamination and lack of oxygen are two big problems which our skin faces every day. To protect the skin from environmental pollution and provide it with the oxygen it needs, SKEYNDOR presents its new creation, POWER OXYGEN.

A new ally for suffocated or stressed skin living in urban city surroundings. Its carefully studied formulation allows perfect oxygenation of the skin and protection from ageing in urban settings.

Consequences of poorly oxygenated skin under the effects of pollution

Skin under the effects of pollution shows signs of dehydration, lack of brightness and premature wrinkles. The tone is less uniform, dark spots appear, the skin becomes rough and starts to sag, and brightness is lost. The skin is more reactive and may present acne or small spots, irritation and redness.

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The skin’s brightness and colour depend largely on its oxygen levels. Well oxygenated skin is bright and uniform; its appearance is healthier, brighter and with more vitality. POWER OXYGEN is born of SKEYNDOR’s advanced research into how to put a break on the harmful effects of pollution in the skin and increase its oxygenation.

POWER OXYGEN contains two protectors against pollution: a PM 2.5 filter that 
protects and cleanses the epidermis of contaminants immediately, forming a mesh capable of trapping the PM 2.5 particles and eliminating them; and an environmental shield
which works as a global protective barrier by means of a non-occlusive film that limits intra- and extracellular damage.

In order to improve skin oxygenation, POWER OXYGEN achieves a concentration of oxygen O2 in the skin and provides the oxygen transport it needs to ensure its vitality.

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