Face & body

meso filler product


The most revolutionary, non invasive treatment since the invention of injectables.

If you are ready for a high level of skin improvement without the need for surgery then look no further. Nothing surpasses the new and proven technology known as Mesoscience, now available at little beauty box. This technology offers an advanced approach that will deliver exciting and new credible levels of results for face and body therapy.

A first for Australia, SKEYNDOR’S new generation treatment for face and body is based on advanced and specialised electro technology.

Mesofiller for Skin Firmness: softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines whilst promoting skin firmness and tone at a higher level than previously possible.

Mesobright: Evens skin tone and increases luminosity. Balances skin colour whilst softening discolouration and dark spots.

Mesoslim: for remodelling the body. A reducing treatment which stimulates the natural elimination of toxins from the body.

Mesofirmness: promotes body firmness and the reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. Strengthens the skins elasticity targeting breasts, arms, abdomen and thighs offering a credible solution to improvement in
the appearance of stretch marks. Also acts on loss of firmness due to ageing, pregnancy and weight loss.