led light

Photocare 5
Perfect for a lunch-time transformation, the SORISA Photo care session gives rewarding results in just 25 minutes.

This express facial gets the skin back on track after a late night or partying when the cellular energy is low. It ‘perks up’ exhausted skin to refresh and give it that holiday rested look and for that special date, a SORISA Photocare session gives red carpet ready skin in a flash.

The new SORISA Photocare Therapy addresses a multitude of woes such as uneven pigmentation, hydration, skin tone, the symptoms of acne while also targeting wrinkles and expression lines to reduce their depth.

Photocare uses LED (light emitting diode) that utilizes different wavelengths of light (or light energy) to work at a cellular level to repair damage and regenerate, significantly improving every aspect of the skin, its overall appearance and its health.

Different wavelengths of light are depicted by a complexity of colours that focus on and target specific problems simultaneously so all conditions are magically addressed at the same time. These wavelengths of light do not produce any heat and are completely painless.

Penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin, the wavelengths speed up the metabolism, kick start lymphatic drainage, repair cells, enhance healing, stimulate fibroblasts encouraging an increase in collagen and elastin production thereby restoring the skin to a more supple and healthy state. Results are immediate and visible with exceptional improvement in skin quality and appearance. Treatment time 50 minutes.