New Generation HiFU

Lifting & tightening

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High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound energy is a non-invasive treatment designed to tighten your skin by instantly contacting collagen fibres and promoting long-term collagen growth, for a natural lifted look.


  • Look 5-10 years younger
  • The perfect solution for sagging skin
  • No downtime – can be completed in a lunch break
  • Lift sagging skin
  • Safe, Non-Surgical procedure
  • One treatment lasts for up to 2 years
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According to the age group, skin status, and customer needs, point, line, and surface can be combined to achieve a full-layer, all-dimensional anti-aging private customization program.

  • Activation of epidermis and superficial dermis
  • Deep dermal activation
  • Instantly tighten the fascia
  • Enhance the support of fascia layer and reduce the sagging tissue
  • Improve cell activity and increase cell water storage capacity
  • Increase facial volume, stimulate collagen regeneration, elastic fiber mesh regeneration, plump, elastic


  • Product Name: 12D HIFU machine
  • Power Supply: AC110V AC 220V
  • Power: 650W
  • Frequency: 2 MHz 4 MHz 5.5 MHz
  • Instrument weight: 10kg
  • Gross product quantity: 20 kg
  • Package size: 65 x 59 x47 cm
  • List: Host1, power cable1, Hifu handle2,
    Hifu cartridge7, 360° handle1, 360 cartridge3


It is normal to have temporary slight redness and swelling after operation; Pay attention not to go to high temperature environment such as hot sauna yoga and strenuous exercise within 1 week after operation, and do not expose to the sun;

Try not to make up on the day after operation (if makeup needs to be removed, pay attention to the strength, and gently remove makeup oil to clean the face);

Do not clean your face with overheated water within a week ( water that does not exceed body temperature is enough); Pay attention to water supplement. It is recommended to apply water supplement facial mask every morning and evening for 3 days or one week; Skin care and moisturizing products should be wiped 2-3 times as much as usual;

Don’t eat anything with heavy color such as soy sauce within a week, and forbid alcohol, spicy, seafood and other foods;

It is not recommended to operate similar instruments at the same place on the same day after operation;

After operation, it is recommended to use laser and other instruments after skin repair. (The same part shall be adjusted according to the skin condition of the day);

There may also be a small white energy rash or skin erythema at some operating sites, which are normal, mild and temporary reactions (can be treated with ice or growth factor repair products according to the specific situation)